Contact lens comfort from Nicklins

Research and development of contact lenses has been extensive in recent and lenses are now more comfortable and convenient. They offer freedom from spectacles for most people. Have you ever wanted to try wearing contact lenses?

You will require an up-to-date eye examination to assess the health and suitability of your eyes. Your contact lens practitioner will discuss with your requirements and recommend the most suitable contact lenses for you.

The practitioner will then conduct a detailed assessment of your eyes, checking not only vision and health, but aspects such as the size and curvature of the cornea, and how well your tears work in lubricating your eyes. This information will then be analysed to determine which contact lenses are suitable for you. Your new lenses will then be then assessed on the eyes to see how well they fit, how you adapt to them and how well you can see. In some circumstances trial lenses will be offered.

You will then be shown how to insert and remove the contact lenses from your eyes, and given time to practice this with the practitioner. As part of this procedure you will also learn about cleaning the contact lenses (if applicable), and all of the ‘Do’s and Don'ts of wearing contact lenses. Once the contact lens practitioner is satisfied you are comfortable with all of this, you will be given a wearing schedule and contact lenses to take away with you. You’ll return in a week’s time to check how you have adapted to your lenses.

Following this appointment, and providing the contact lenses are working well for you, you will then be able to purchase a supply of lenses.

Contact Lens Home Delivery

Too busy or too far away to drop in and collect your lenses? Nicklins are only too happy to arrange postal delivery to home or work.

To make an appointment and discuss your eye care please call us on:

01483 561256

Appointments may also be made in person by visiting our practice at 216 High Street, Guildford. Why not register for our newsletter and be kept advised of monthly promotions and have your appointments confirmed by email).



Nicklins offer a huge selection of contact lenses, and aftercare for contact lens wearers. Regular consultation with our practitioners is essential in maintaining the health and comfort of your eyes. We will check your eyes are healthy and your current lenses are fitting well, and keep you up-to-date with all of the latest contact lenses available. If you ever experience problems whilst wearing your contact lenses, we will accommodate emergency appointments where possible, to ensure any issues are resolved quickly.