Rodenstock Occupational Lenses

Do you feel tension, at work or at home, when sitting in front of your computer screen or doing other close up activities? Headaches, neck pain, red or burning eyes? These are just some of the complaints shared by many. Whilst posture can contribute to tension and pain, incorrect lenses are often the cause of these types of problems.

Imagine yourself at work, your eyes shift from computer screen, to colleagues, to paperwork, to the phone and in varying lighting conditions. With the wrong lenses, this can be tiring as you unconsciously assume an unnatural position to keep everything in focus, resulting in neck pain, headaches and eye strain.


Nicklins preferred solution is RODENSTOCK ERGO®. ERGO® has been developed on the basis of ergonomic findings and takes into account the special needs of every spectacle wearer for vision at near and far. THEY ARE THE ONLY LENSES ON THE MARKET INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS – LENSES MANUFACTURED TO YOUR TYPICAL SHIFTS IN FOCUS AND DISTANCE.

ERGO READING/BOOK; offers a vision for working at the widest zone of 60cms whilst offering a clear vision at 90cms in the upper part of the lens. No more squinting or awkward body positioning, resulting in less stress on your body and eyes. Rodenstock Ergo® offers the perfect solution.

ERGO PC; offers you an extra wide field of vision for near and intermediate distances. Your eyes adjust to Ergo® lenses within a matter of minutes. The larger field of vision permits comfortable, fatigue free sight and unrestricted field of viewing when working at a computer yet allowing the wearer definite clear vision at distances to 1.2m.

ERGO ROOM; are designed for wearers who require ideal vision within a room and also to provide for close work. The upper part of the lens provides for clear vision of distances to 2m. In contrast to BOOK and PC lenses, ROOM offers a greater spatial depth and vision area than a normal progressive lens.

Also available from Nicklins and to compliment Ergo® lenses;

(Particularly important when working on at a computer.)

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